Slimming Massage


Slimming Massage

More than 80% of women above 20 years old have cellulite. For the hormonal reason, metabolism, or other reasons, but it is not necessarily linked with excess weight. Sometimes, dieting or practicing a sport cannot eliminate the appearance of “pitted” cellulite on certain parts of our body, and we need a specialized massage to accelerate our metabolism and eliminate superficial fat.

For ladies, usually: Arms, stomach, waist hips, bottom, thighs, upper and lower legs.

Dur­ing slim­ming mas­sage, you will undergo mul­ti­ple slim­ming mas­sage tech­niques, from rub­bing and mas­sag­ing to slap­ping. These tech­niques aim to rup­ture and dis­rupt pock­ets of fat, which will result in a reduc­tion in the appear­ance of “pit­ted” cel­lulite. Your ther­a­pist will also stim­u­late increased blood cir­cu­la­tion to reduce excess water in detected regions of your body. We will tai­lor a blend of essen­tial oils dur­ing the mas­sage ses­sion.

Why does your fat becoming more stubborn?

Your metabolism starts to slow down anytime between your mid-20s to early 30s. Because as you age, you lose muscle and brown fat – the two tissues that are crucial for burning excess fat in your body. That is why you find yourself dieting or exercising several times harder to achieve the same results you did 10 years ago.

Does that mean dieting and exercising are enough? It is not that simple, because:

  • Even with proper diet and exercise, your weight is likely to plateau at some point. Your metabolism slows down even more as your weight is reduced since a lighter body burns fewer calories. This means your rate of weight loss will slow down unless you turn up the intensity of your diet and exercise.
  • Even with proper diet and exercise, you can still lose weight without losing inches. Diet and exercise are more effective at burning visceral fat in your abdomen and less effective against surface fat. This explains why some of us can lose a significant amount of weight without seeing a much visible change to our figure.
  • Even with proper diet and exercise, you cannot control where your body loses its fat. Fat in some areas is just less responsive to diet and exercise. So even though a weight loss diet can reduce your overall waistline, it rarely produces much inch loss in stubborn areas such as the outer thighs, inner thighs, and upper arms. Studies have also proven that intensively exercising a specific body part will not produce more inch loss in that area.

Targeted Slimming Program:

For optimum performance, we recommend 6 to 10 treatments lasting 60 to 90 minutes. After a consultation, the therapist will be able to allocate each session to work on specific areas and alternate them, until completion of the treatment. Benefits of a Slimming Massage program:

  • Shape your tummy, back, thighs, arms, and other problem areas
  • Reduce cellulite throughout your body while firming your skin
  • Stimulation blood circulation
  • Increased energy level
  • Extra tip: To increase the efficiency of this program, we recommend eating regular meals, emphasizing lower-fat foods, and avoiding dairy in order to help clear dampness.

What to expect?

After a consultation with your Spa Therapist, the session will be targeted on specific areas where the cellulite is localized, thus, don’t expect a full body relaxing massage!

Will I look slimmer?

After the first session, but you may feel immediate relief and increased energy due to improved blood circulation. We recommend several sessions for visible results.

New introduction of Slimming Massage by Mr. Alex at Relax Beauty and Massage.

This version of Slimming Massage is specifically designed to help your body increase the disposal of waste and undigested food inside your tummy and intestines.

It will, in turn, promote the excess of the body fat stored being used up and disposed of by the natural bodily functions.

Massage Pressure: Strong, targeted at specific cellulite areas.