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HEAD & FEET Massage

Massage of the head and feet are arguably the most important parts of a self-massage. The head and feet have many powerful energy points connected to the brain and the rest of the body. These two very simple routines can invoke relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation, all at the same time! Perform the massage before bedtime for a night full of rest and revitalization or in the morning for greater alertness, vigor, and grounding throughout the day.

HEAD MASSAGE The head is the most significant part of the body. It encompasses eight vital openings—the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and one principal opening, the crown of the head. There are also vital energy points over the entire head that connect to the brain and the mind (including the subconscious).

BENEFITS • Promotes deep relaxation and the release of tension • Benefits memory, cognition, and alertness • Brings clarity and strength to the senses • Nourishes and supports healthy hair, while also providing a lustrous shine • Strengthens the nervous system • Supports balance of the brain’s chemistry and hormones

FEET MASSAGE The feet hold many energy points linked to almost every part of the body. They connect us to the earth, providing stability and grounding, and, quite literally, bear the weight of the day. A foot massage is a great way to show appreciation and offer daily relief to this very deserving part of your body.

BENEFITS • Instills a state of deep relaxation and improves the quality of sleep • Stimulates and invigorates all organs and bodily tissues • Brings a sense of stability and being rooted in yourself, relieving anxiousness and tension • Supports circulation to the lower half of the body • Strengthens the feet and alleviates coarseness, stiffness, and fatigue

Our new Head & Feet Massage service is now available.

1 Hour ………………………………………………………………………. £55