Advanced Medical Massage

Advanced Thai Massage Definition

Thai Massage: This massage originated in India over 2500 years ago. The theoretical basis for this style of bodywork is the existence of the Energy in the body which includes 72,00 Sen or energy lines through which life force flows. Through compressions, pressure on specific points and stretches to release blockages, a free flow of energy is restored. Thai massage is performed on a futon over clothing. No oil or lotion is used. This is one of the world’s oldest healing modalities. It is a blend of massage, acupressure, energy work, and gentle yoga stretches. The client wears comfortable clothing and lies on the floor on a soft mat. Benefits from a session may include: releasing tight joints, stretching muscles, increasing range of motion, and reducing stress. Thai massage is known in Thailand as Nuat phaen boran, correctly translates only as ancient massage or traditional massage, and also known as Thai ancient massage, traditional Thai massage.

Alex is Back!

As most of our regular clients know, Alex went to Thailand to study Medical Thai Massage.

He is now back Successfully with more in-depth massage knowledge under his belt.

He is looking forward to seeing new and existing clients to heal following symptoms using  Thai Medical massage non-surgical techniques.

If you are suffering from any of the conditions below then please Book an Appointment with Alex.


Medical Thai Massage Treatment cost as little as £30 per session. Click Book Now Botton for more details.


  1. A headache
  2. A headache due to Anxiety and Tension
  3. A headache with Dry eyes and blur vision
  4. Jaw pain
  5. Mouth Distortion
  6. Temporal pain
  7. Neck Sprain
  8. Stiffed Neck
  9. Stiff Neck with pain to Turn Face
  10. Acute Shoulder pain
  11. Chronic Shoulder pain
  12. Shoulder pain when breathing
  13. Stiff shoulder with pain
  14. Stiff front shoulder hurts when moving arms backward
  15. No power is, difficult to move the arm
  16. Heavy arms
  17. Tennis Elbow
  18. Stiff elbow, hurt when bending or straight out
  19. Pressing points effected to Fingers
  20. Wrist pain – index finger line
  21. Wrist pain – Thumb line
  22. Wrist pain – Middle finger line
  23. Swollen wrist
  24. Thumb Sprain
  25. Index finger sprain
  26. Middle finger sprain
  27. Ring finger sprain
  28. Little finger sprain
  29. Numbed hand
  30. Hip pain – when step and walking
  31. Hip pain when moving the leg
  32. Lower Back pain
  33. Lower back pain – when turned up or bow backward
  34. Back Pain – when Twisting
  35. Pain at Top of the Thigh when moving the leg
  36. Knee pressing points
  37. Stiff Knee – when bended
  38. The outer side of the Knee pain
  39. Inner thigh pain during bending
  40. Inner foot sprain
  41. The outer side of foot sprain Without swelling
  42. The outer side of foot sprain with swelling
  43. Stiff Calf and back side of the thigh due to running
  44. Heavy leg and No power
  45. Achilles Tendon Stiffness
  46. Sole foot stiffness and hurt when stepping down
  47. Toe of the foot sprain
  48. Second finger of the foot sprain
  49. The middle finger of the foot sprain
  50. Fourth finger of the foot sprain
  51. Small finger of the foot sprain